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The 9 Virtues Leadership Institute's experts come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, and are ready to help your organization unlock its leadership potential. We specialize in empowering current as well as aspiring leaders to grow and develop professionally and personally.

Below are some of the popular options for virtues-based development. Please keep in mind that the Institute can customize a program especially for your organization.

  • Three-day, onsite leadership training.

    AAL will come to your site and work with members of your staff for three full days. This in-depth professional development, based closely on the book, will cover such topics as the principles of virtues-based leadership; the relationship between ethics, values, and the 9 Virtues; the importance of lifelong learning; and the role of leaders in promoting a virtues-based organizational culture. It also will cover each of the 9 Virtues in careful detail. This program is designed to be highly interactive, with group and individual activities aimed at helping attendees understand and internalize the Virtues. As part of the program, each attendee will receive a copy of The 9 Virtues of Exceptional Leaders well before the training is scheduled. Ideally, this will allow the entire group to read the book prior to the program and discuss it together using a study guide developed by Dr. Karl Haden and Rob Jenkins exclusively for this program.

  • Three-day executive leadership retreat (open enrollment).

    AAL also offers its three-day executive leadership program in a relaxing retreat location. This program is aimed specifically at upper-level organizational leaders and is open to executives from any organization, although the number of participants is limited to ensure intensive attention to each person's development goals. In addition to the curriculum outlined in the first bullet above, attendees (and their guests, if they desire) will have the opportunity to socialize, play golf, hike, or visit some of the area's other attractions.

  • Three-day executive leadership retreat (organization-specific).

    To best serve its clients, AAL also offers the three-day leadership program in the executive retreat format for individual organizations, at an offsite location of their choosing. The organization, in this case, will choose how many people may attend, restricted only by the site selected and the availability of accommodations.

  • One-day, onsite leadership program.

    This experience is designed to accomplish some of the goals of the three-day program in a shorter time frame. Though the presenters will not be able to go into as much depth, the full-day program will take attendees well beyond the book to a deeper understanding of the 9 Virtues, showing them how they can develop the Virtues and incorporate them into their daily lives as leaders. Attendees will receive a copy of the book in advance.

  • Half-day, onsite leadership program.

    The half-day program is designed to introduce organizational leaders to the fundamentals of virtues-based leadership. It will cover the 9 Virtues, the importance of lifelong learning, and the leader's role in promoting a virtuous organizational culture. This program is designed for upper-level managers, to introduce them to concepts they may wish AAL to share with the rest of their organization later, in a full-day or three-day training. Attendees will receive a copy of the book on the day of the session.

  • 60-90 minute presentation.

    An AAL consultant will come to your site and deliver a 60-90 minute presentation on the 9 Virtues and related concepts from the book. This option is ideal for organizations that wish to incorporate virtues-based leadership development into a larger program, such as a staff development day. Books can be purchased at a discount for attendees prior to the event, or they can be made available for individuals to purchase on the day of the program.

  • 20-30 minute keynote address.

    The authors of The 9 Virtues, Dr. Karl Haden and Rob Jenkins, are available to deliver a 20-30 minute keynote address at meetings, conferences, and other functions. If logistics allow, copies of the book can be made available for purchase on the day of the event. Book signings also can be arranged.

To schedule a program for your organization, obtain pricing information, or receive answers to any questions you might have, please Contact Us or call AAL at 404-350-2098